Sunday, June 6, 2010

hobbies for two of us..>_<..

hurm...hobbies..qiela n i like to snapping(pekataan bru)hahaha....we're like to shoot n like to be shoot to...but for me(syana)..i rather like to shoot other..i think qiela is more like to be shoot..not shoot menembak..but tgkp the gamba..hahah...mengong..we're keep arguing about our fav cam..
qiela like nikon d90..but i like bro has d60..(xde kene mengene pon ngn abg aku senanye)haha...we always fithing to prove which the bes..haha..but no one win..
aiiyoo...very dificult when two parrots meets..(its us)..potpetpotepot..anyway both of us lke nikon cam..and always dream to have day..hurm..da la byebye..
anyway to qiela..."aku pnye lg bes...go d80"!!!hahaha!!